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Although you can book in to any of my services on an individual basis. One of the best ways to work with me is through one of my bespoke packages. These packages allow us to work together over a period of time focusing on you and your horses. With three separate packages 




You can choose to work with me on one of these focus areas, please see details below. Or by choosing the 


allowing us to make a complete bespoke package on improving the performance of both you and your horse for better results in the saddle

Marble Surface

​The RIDING package is a 4 week package where you come to me with your horse for 4 ridden sessions. We will look at the combination of you and your horse and how we can improve your position and confidence as well as your horses way of going. It is a great way for me to see how you work with your horses and what influences you have on each other.

  • Assessment Session 

  • Rider Position & Straightness Session

  • Rhythm, Suppleness, Contact 

  • Rider Position & Horse Performance 

  • Includes Venue Hire 


The BIOMECHANICS package is a 4 week package where you come to me to work on yourself and your position using mechanical horse sessions. We will use the mechanical horse to analyse your position without the influence of a real horse to make you as straight and effective as a rider as possible. We will first analyse strengths and weaknesses and then use corrective exercises to help improve your biomechanics as a rider. 

  • Assessment Session 

  • Flexibility, Mobility Session 

  • Core Strength & Balance 

  • Individual Position Focus Session 

  • Includes Venue Hire 


​The RIDER FITNESS package is an 10 week course where you come to me at my private gym based in Billericay. We will work together on improving your health and fitness as a rider. We will work on a bespoke program working on areas specific to riding such as core, flexibility, pelvic function, and overall posture and position. 

  • Assessment Sessions

  • 10 week bespoke programme 

  • KH Rider Fitness App 

  • Nutrition Advice 

  • Weekly Workouts (Also logged on app)

  • Rider Stretch Routine 

  • Additional Core Workouts 

  • Beautiful Exclusive Training Facilities 



4 x Ridden Sessions 

4 x Biomechanics Sessions 

10 x Rider Fitness Sessions 

Every other week Biomechanics 

Every alternative week Ridden 

Weekly Fitness Sessions 

(or we can design a programme that suits you)

  • Includes venue hire 

  • Includes access to KH Rider Fitness App 

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